MDCAT Practice Book Volume-1

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Imagine having the exact MDCAT paper at your fingertips the night before the final exam. Wouldn’t that be incredible? This remarkable scenario became a reality for Nearpeer’s students last year, as 60% of the MDCAT 2023 paper was exactly from Nearpeer’s Practice Bank. Such outstanding success is attributed to the tireless efforts of the MDCAT team, who meticulously analyze the examiner’s mindset and craft the MCQ drill accordingly. Now, we proudly introduce the ultimate companion for MDCAT aspirants – the MDCAT Practice Book. This invaluable resource is meticulously designed to streamline your preparation journey and sharpen your skills. Comprising two volumes packed with meticulously curated content tailored to PMDC requirements, it is the essential tool for every MDCAT aspirant.

Key Features:

1. Comprehensive coverage of 100% PMDC Syllabus:
– Volume 1: This volume will cover the entire PMDC syllabus for the MDCAT Biology, MDCAT Logical Reasoning, and MDCAT English.

2. Aligned with PMDC Requirements:
– Our practice book adheres to the standards set by the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC), ensuring that you focus your efforts on the most relevant material.

3. Varied Difficulty Levels:
– Practice drills are thoughtfully categorized into easy, moderate, and hard levels, allowing students to progress gradually and tailor their practice sessions to their current skill level.

4. Detailed Solutions 
– Each MCQ in the MDCAT Practice book and online past paper has a detailed solution, explaining the why behind the correct option and why not behind the incorrect options.

5. Online MDCAT Past Paper Practice 
– Upon purchasing the practice pack, you’ll unlock complimentary access to online past papers specific to your respective examination body, including options such as UHS, SZABMU, ETEA/KMU, DUHS/JSMU, or BUMHS. Engaging with these past papers allows you to familiarize yourself with previous MDCAT questions, it will also activate the MDCAT Score Predictor and facilitate a comprehensive analysis of your strengths and weaknesses through the Nearpeer app/website. Prepare smarter and enhance your readiness for the exam with this invaluable resource.

6. Score Predictor
Imagine if, by some magical means, you could instantly know your exact MDCAT score and receive personalized guidance on how to improve it. Wouldn’t that be incredible? Well, Nearpeer’s Score Predictor makes this a reality. With an impressive accuracy rate of 95%, the Score Predictor utilizes your MCQ practice data along with 20 other parameters to forecast your MDCAT scores well in advance. This invaluable tool empowers you to identify and rectify any mistakes long before the final MDCAT exam, ensuring you’re fully prepared to achieve your desired results. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to a proactive approach to success with Nearpeer’s Score Predictor.

7. Strength & Weakness Analysis 
While preparing for the MDCAT exam, success depends on the strategic elimination of weaknesses and comprehensive coverage of the syllabus to maximize your score out of 200 marks on the crucial exam day. To aid you in this journey, Nearpeer’s Website and mobile application offer a cutting-edge feature: pinpointing weaknesses at the subject, topic, and subtopic levels. By meticulously identifying your areas of weakness, this tool enables targeted preparation, ensuring that you address and overcome any deficiencies before your MDCAT day arrives. With Nearpeer’s assistance, you’ll be poised to achieve optimal results and excel on your MDCAT day.

Prepare with confidence and embark on your MDCAT journey with the MDCAT Practice Book. Let your dedication meet our expertise as you strive for success in one of the most important exams of your academic career.

Order your copy today and take the first step toward achieving your MDCAT goals!

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MDCAT Practice Book Volume 1

The Package Includes;

  1. HardBound Nearpeer MDCAT Practice Book Vol-1 (MDCAT Biology, MDCAT Logical Reasoning, and MDCAT English)
  2. Online Nearpeer MDCAT Past Papers



3 reviews for MDCAT Practice Book Volume-1

  1. Fakeha Irum

    Alhamdulilah, Finally I’ve received my books🥹🥳After a long wait 🫀…. Jazakumulla hu khaira (جَزَاکُمُ اللّہُ خَیرًا)Nearpeer Team… May the Nearpeer Team be blessed with unwavering fortitude and indomitable resilience in their noble endeavors to illuminate the path of knowledge for students like FAKEHA IRUM . May they continue to exhibit unparalleled tenacity and incomparable acumen in their mission to elevate the educational landscape, transcending all challenges with grace and unwavering determination.Ameen

  2. Sabaha Raza Virk

    Received two volumes of the MDCAT Book today. The paper and printing quality is very good; and content and layout wonderful. A treasure for students. Highly recommended.

  3. Subhania Aslam

    I wholeheartedly endorse mdcat practice book by nearpeer. Here are some of reasons:
    1) book is a comprehensive guide that not only helps with exam prep but also prioritizes your wellbeing and mental health. stress management brain storming activities are all essential aspects of holistic approach to learning . by incorporating these aspects book is acknowledging the fact that success is closely related to emotions and mental well being.
    2) this exceptional source will be a beacon of guide throughout my prep.
    3)these meticulously crafted practice questions mock tests and detailed explanations will enable me to gauge my knowledge and pinpoint my areas of enhancement.
    4)books lucid explanation and logical structure and organization will make it easy to navigate. I have seen many of practice books for mdcat but this one proves to be an unprecedented one . I am just in love with the book , no other practice books have guided me in this way.
    5) I believe this book is a must have for anyone striving to excel in mdcat. it is a true treasure trove of knowledge and support that instills unwavering confidence and support.

    To authors , I appreciate all of your efforts. And I hope you know that your efforts bring meaning to many lives. I want you to know that your work is valued , appreciated and will be used for guidance in an exceptional way. May Allah grant you continued success and insight. May Allah continue to use you people as a source to help us. May Allah accept you effort and he is pleased by y’all. May Allah allows it to be a sadqa e jaria for you people. Ameen❤️
    Thankyou so much nearpeer and all the instructors working their best to bring the best in us🖤 10/10.
    ⬆️Straight from the core of my heart.
    May Allah allow every student to the guidance they are looking for to ace their mdcat.

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